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The 20leads Guarantee

The 20leads guarantee is simple. If you have a month without 20 fresh leads, you don’t pay for that month! 

The 20leads guarantee applies to all Realtors with either a buyer or seller campaigns that have a budget of $400 or more on that campaign. 

The 20leads guarantee starts on the fourth month of your campaign. The first three months has us focused on creating, testing, and tweaking your landing pages to make sure we get the best results possible for the long term.

20leads Guarantee Exceptions

Our 20leads guarantee may not be available in smaller locations.
However, we work with our Realtors in these locations to create a custom guarantee that you are happy with.

This guarantee does not apply to minimum budgets.
While we always strive to get you as many leads as possible with the budget you have, you need a minimum $400 budget to qualify.

Our Facebook branding campaigns are not covered in the 20leads guarantee.

Although we expect plenty of great leads from your custom Facebook advertising campaigns each month, they are specifically designed to build your brand.

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